Bounce into 2022

Make this year one to remember for the right reasons! We have a range of bouncy castles and accessories suitable for all ages and garden sizes available to hire because you’re never to old to have fun. We offer bouncy castle hire all across lancashire from Blackpool to Burnley.

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Our Range

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do you set it up?

Yes, the bouncy castle will be set up by our friendly, trained and insured staff upon delivery and we also pack it all away on collection. 

My garden is small, how much space will I need for the castle?

This depends on the bouncy castle you decide to hire. Our castles start at 7×10 ft, however you will need an additional 3 ft at the front and back for the crash mat and blower.

Are your Bouncy Castles and Inflatable's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, all our inflatables are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, some of our bouncy castles come with shower covers to shelter you from rain and wind.

What preparations should I make before taking delivery of the Bouncy Castle?

We ask that you ensure there is at the least a 3ft wide access point to the site. Please also ensure there isn’t any sharp objects or excessive mud and an electricity point.

Do you offer overnight hire?

Yes we do, the booking process allows you to choose how many days you need or if you just want to hire overnight.

The event is in a field with no access to power, can we still hire a Bouncy Castle?

Yes, we can supply a generator at an extra cost (please call our team to discuss your requirements)

Do I need a power extension?

We’d appreciate if you have your own extension, but we will provide one if not.

Do I need to cut my grass?

That’s up to you, but if you do please cut it a few days before the bouncy castle hire. As wet grass on Bouncy Castles is difficult to remove.

Will the bouncy castle damage my grass?

We use ground sheets under all Bouncy Castles. All it will do is flatten your grass for a few days, and the holes for anchor pegs should disappear in no time.

What happens if there are rain showers or it's slightly windy?

Lots of the bouncy castles we hire have protective cover that will keep you dry from light rain, also a little wind isn’t a problem as well always anchor the castles down.